Direction and Choreography inspired by Marius Petipa and Rudolf Nureyev
Johan Nus

Prima ballerina Iryna Khandazhevskyi | CXID Opera Ballet, Kharkiv, Ukraine | Grand Symphonic Orchestra of the Ukrainian Opera

Creation in 2019 at the Opera of Kharkiv | Ukraine
Ongoing international Tour
: Japan | Belgium | Luxembourg | France...

It took two years of research and multiple discussions to obtain the agreement of the prestigious association of Eastern Ukraine's Operas, a member of Opera Europa, and launch the first "Swan Lake on the Water." Convincing the soloists was not easy, especially since moving in the water was a first and involved many physical risks! But once formed, the troupe certainly ranks among the best in the world.
Enthralled by the project, the most talented European firms joined French choreographer Johan Nus. Pools, fountains, water walls, projections—this grand classic retains its nobility while evolving towards controlled modernity, where the spectacular aspect intertwines with intimate and delicate moments.

My Intentions

Since its creation in the 19th century, Swan Lake has seen numerous versions within companies and also in cinema. From Matthew Bourne's all-male version to Alexander Ekman's interpretation, it seems that everything has been imagined. Nevertheless, Swan Lake continues to captivate many spectators every year. I wanted to propose a new version of this work centered around water. While preserving the classical codes that have made it successful, we aim to incorporate new technologies into this aquatic version. For the creation of this ballet, I surrounded myself with classical and contemporary dancers.
In the first act, while respecting the theme and stylistic elements, I question the individual's place within the group, their relationship with others, and their posture within a hierarchical society.
In the second act, I observe what happens when the body moves in this other element: water.
The third act respects the narrative and tradition.
The final act merges technology and dance, where one cannot exist without the other.
The melody takes on its full meaning with the sound of rain, the lake, and the fountains...


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Based on Pink Floyd's album
The Wall

Direction and Choreography
Johan Nus

Created in 2023
Palais des Congrès | French tour of Zéniths | International tour: Portugal, Canada, Greece

Adapted as a contemporary ballet from the legendary Pink Floyd album, The Wall - The Pink Floyd's Rock Opera extracts a whole new work from the original material of The Wall. Led by Johan Nus' choreography, the album's tracks are performed live. The scenography gives a fresh face to the original work through the precision of the dancers and strong set designs. The whole experience is an immersive and sensory journey into the psychedelic and introspective universe of Floyd.

My Intentions

How to find one's freedom based on one's history and place of birth? How to be free in one's movements, in one's choices in the face of authoritarian states, industrial groups, and social pressures?
The creation of this ballet accompanies the 40th anniversary of the album's release. While respecting the structure of the work, our dancers will attempt to denounce our own limitations, to show our consumer and sexual addictions, our fears based on history, but also the possibility of opening our eyes and ultimately rising to break down the Wall. To support the theme, the piece will be danced by 10 dancers, including a child.

The music will be performed live, and 5 voices will bring the words of these authors to life. To frame the movement, 5 mobile columns will be present on stage. The dance will be accompanied by archival videos and visual creations. A cameraman will also be present on stage to provide a different perspective on the situations, to show the hero's vision, and to capture the emotions of our performers.

Through this new dance production, we aim to add a new vision to the concert and cinematic versions of the work.


Direction and Choreography
Johan Nus

Choir of Cxid Opera (Ukraine)

Created in 2018 at the Opera of Kharkiv | Ukraine
International tour
2019 | 2021 | 2022 | 2023

While Carmina, one of the most popular works in the repertoire, traditionally involves a large orchestra and choir in the audience's mind, Carl Orff emphasized the importance of action.

As a result, its performances range from the grand classic to surprising versions... The 60 musicians of the Classical Concert Orchestra, the fifty exceptional Ukrainian choristers of Cxid Opera, international soloists, and dancers under the direction of French choreographer Johan Nus will all showcase their talents for a spectacle that they want to be exceptional. Over a hundred artists will be part of this adventure.

Their interpretation is supported by contemporary visual techniques.

My Intentions

t was important for me, while respecting the work, to move away from the traditional imagery of the wheel of fortune. For this reason, I decided that the scenography would be a large chessboard where each singer and dancer represents a chess piece. This sets up a chess game. Who will win this game that will be decided by staying alive or dying?


Direction and Choreography
Johan Nus

CXID Opera Ballet, Kharkiv

Created in 2017 at the Opera of Kharkiv | Ukraine
International tour:
2018 | 2019 | 2021 | 2022

In enchanting settings, a marvelous tale is told and danced by the thirty dancers of the National Opera of Ukraine!

It is an impressive story, unfolding in sumptuous scenery, with numerous special effects, which will be presented this winter in the major cities of Belgium. Led by twenty dancers and actors, an orchestra of thirty musicians, you will follow the action step by step, enter into the magic, tremble for the Beauty, be moved by the Beast... while the Voice guides you through the narrative...

Because this captivating, enchanting Voice will allow you, step by step, to grasp the beauty's terror, the emotion, and the fear of the Beast. A new character, conceived for this astonishing spectacle, addressing everyone, from the smallest to the tallest! ... and there is no doubt that the entrance of the Beast, whose remarkable makeup requires tremendous work, will remain anchored in everyone's memory!

My Intentions

This family choreographic piece draws inspiration from the great romantic ballets. It seemed essential to me to bring together the great classical tunes. I had the desire to educate the ear while telling a story known to all. The costumes are playful, and the staging is magical. These colorful characters, despite the presence of the Beast, delight both young and old.


Direction and Choreography
Johan Nus

CXID Opera Ballet, Kharkiv

Created in 2017 at the Opera of Kharkiv | Ukraine
International tour:
2016 | 2018 | 2019 | 2021 | 2022 | 2023

It was in New York in 1943 (Europe is at war) that "The Little Prince" was published, a poetic and philosophical tale, written simply and delightfully illustrated by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry.

Since then, it has become the second best-selling book in the world! Thus, in their original costumes, you will encounter the monarch of a fictitious empire, the vain, the drinker, the businessman, the lamplighter, the geographer... Characters that leave the Little Prince - naive, fragile, in search of friends - perplexed in many ways. You will hear about volcanoes and baobabs, about roses and love, about solitude, the echo of mountains, an instructive fox, an enigmatic snake, and the absurdity of existence on this earth, as well as the depth of friendship.

To meet this challenge, thirty dancers and actors from the ballet of the National Opera of Ukraine will strive to give this creation a magic comparable to that of the tale and to tame your eyes as well as your heart because "one sees clearly only with the heart."

My Intentions

This is the first ballet I created with the teams of the Kharkiv Opera.
I am a creative person nourished by my experiences in television, theater, opera, and music. It was essential for me in this first ballet to create a graphic, dreamlike universe where technique would serve classical composition. The dance had to tell the words of Saint-Exupéry...
One sees clearly only with the heart. The essential is invisible to the eyes.

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